Horse Riding

Meet Tinian heart of nature, overlooking the stone walls, the Aegean and the villages on a horse. Wonderful experience for those who love nature and want to explore it in a special way. Having planned routes, one and two hours, in rural-traditional paths, with aromas of thyme and sage, you can experience the freedom of riding while visiting traditional villages and chapels will encounter on your route. Our experienced team can propose your route according to your desires, times for but also the rider experience. Provided the necessary equipment, escort and complete insurance coverage while for younger riders a controlled area where the presence of attendant may have a first experience with horses. Tourist riding is an experience that can be enjoyed by all ages, providing images that will be unforgettable.

Of course a full insurance cover as well as the necessary equipment for a safe ride is provided.

Route 1
1 Hour Duration
Route 2
2 Hour Duration
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